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My Work

Explore my work to see how I develop intentionally designed solutions. 

My L&D Strategy

I focus on three main aspects: assess, prioritize and positively impact. When planning a learning solution and designing the “how to” of expected behavior change, my top priority is people, how they learn and retain new information, their engagement. I target analyzing business problems and creating activities that provide individuals with the knowledge to solve those problems. I am always considering are they empowered? I'm I achieving business impact with my work? My metaphor is "think outside the box", this enables me to exercise creativity and innovation, motivated into help others succeed.


The Process




What is going on? Where are we and where we need to be? What is the expected behavior change to take place? How do we measure that change? Who is our audience? 

It is here that we find the root of the problem and conduct content analysis.



Create the roadmap of expected activities planned for the behavior change needed to solve the business problem. Document the context of learning in timeline, SME's interaction, components, clear objectives, storyboarding, feedback, define assessments if needed, delivery and evaluation.



Content creation happens here. Prototyping activities including learning or enablement variety of formats or modalities. Content revision and client's feedback is considered at this stage for any changes before publication.



This is where the delivery of content happens. Whether is publishing to web or learning management system of preference or facilitating webinar, workshop or V-ILT. Complying with content requests and deadlines, providing technical support.



Were there any expected behavior changes after the implementation of the activities were applied? Did the solution to the problem was successful? In which ways we can improve the activities to make them even more scalable? This is when summative evaluation happens and when feedback is gathered.

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